USISTD Student Teacher Exams – Are they worth considering?

Contributed by Lori Woods Gay
Although the Student Teacher Exam may at first seem like an “easy” way to get certified, a closer look says much more.

Here’s my personal observation, from experience. Studying for this exam allowed me to
pay close attention to alignments, footwork and other technical details  and also to grasp the
concept of precedes and follows without having to memorize so many figures. This paid off big time in the long run. It didn’t take me long to realize that learning subsequent figures was a now a simple process since all the technique had been covered in those first few figures. In fact, my accuracy in figuring out details in new figures was more than 90% – before even looking them up! There’s a kind of genius in the selection of figures included in the Student Teacher Exam, and that is, if one learns the Basics well right from the start, the rest will fall in to place (with consistent effort, of course).

For me, preparing for this exam laid an excellent foundation for all the rest of my dance studies. My recommendation is to not skip over this important level of dance certification.