USISTD Members Voted

Dear Fellow Members,
The results of the Member Referendum, regarding the ISTD final offer of terms for updating the license agreement between ISTD and USISTD, concluded with just 23% of the opened ballots voting in favor of the ISTD proposal.
I reported the results to Ginny Brown, CEO/ISTD. We made a last ditch proposal on the dues which was turned down. I have attached the letter I received from Ginny Brown.
As a result, beginning April 1, 2021, the USISTD will become AIDA. All USISTD members will automatically be accepted as AIDA members and all your USISTD credentials will automatically be accepted by AIDA. The NDCA views this as a name change of a member organization. Everything else remains the same. If you have a license for adjudicating nationally or worldwide, it will still be valid. Anyone wishing to remain with ISTD can do so. You will pay dues directly to ISTD. The ISTD will be contacting USISTD members soon with more information. If you are an adjudicator with the NDCA or plan to be, you must belong to an NDCA member organization, of which AIDA is one, but the ISTD is not and cannot be because it is not an American organization.
We will soon send out dues notices for 2021. We had planned to lower the dues to $85, but with 3 months already gone and everyone still trying to recover from COVID, we decided to prorate the dues to $65. Lifetime Members of the USISTD will now become Lifetime Members of AIDA and not have to pay dues.
Your USISTD/AIDA National Committee, Board of Trustees and Directors are already making plans for the transition of our organization. Luckily much of the work has already been done. We now have the opportunity to create a unique brand and establish AIDA as the premiere dance organization in the world.
Please send us your ideas for designing an organization we can all be proud of. 
Thank you.
All the best,
Steve Hadley