USISTD Editorial

As I’m sure you are all aware, the ISTD in London is soliciting your direct membership by telling you of their “firm commitment to our teachers throughout the world”. It seems their “firm commitment” has been financed by withholding services to the members of the USISTD for the past decade or two, or three.
They say they have made “significant investments to improve its membership services worldwide. The USISTD has not had the benefit of these investments. ISTD appointed a North American Representative, who is in Vancouver, Canada. This representative has never reached out to the USISTD, the largest ISTD membership in North America.
The ISTD offer was made after the USISTD informed London that we would compile a list of members, who wished to stay with the ISTD, and would see that their credentials and dues were current, in order to make the transition smooth and without duplication. You will be receiving a questionnaire from the USISTD in the next few days for just this purpose. Please fill it out and return it to us by August 20th. The email will be in a writeable form, to make it easy to respond.
AIDA is looking forward to creating the very finest dancer’s organization in the world. We expect that you will be excited with the many new innovations coming soon. We welcome your input, as we build our Association. Please give your questions, ideas and concerns to our president, Steve Hadley- or call 205-422-4613.

We wish you the very best,
Your USISTD National Committee and Board of Trustees