Transition from USISTD to AIDA

Dear Fellow Members,

In the coming weeks the USISTD will be transitioning to AIDA ( American International Dance Association ). We hope all our members will continue this journey with us. This will be an automatic transfer of membership and credentials unless you choose otherwise. The NDCA has already been notified of our impending name change. 
ISTD has extended the USISTD through April 30, 2021, in order for the official name change to be ratified by New Jersey. We are preparing to send ISTD the back dues as promised. We would like to thank Ginny Brown CEO/ISTD for making this an amicable separation and regret that a mutually beneficial agreement was not able to be achieved. We wish ISTD well in their future endeavors. 
 At the core we are the same organization with the same sense of ideals and quality that we have always been known for. But you will soon begin to see some exciting new things become part of the AIDA experience and membership. We have some very bold plans to make AIDA the most progressive, innovative and most desirable dance organization in the United States and the World.
We are planning to create the very best in online content for our members and prospective members. Soon we expect our website to take on a new look with new features and interactive content, allowing our members to have more input in shaping AIDA. We are looking to greatly expand our services and offerings as quickly as possible.
We are very pleased to have some former constraints removed in order to create the most modern and unique organization available to the dance community of the United States and the World.
The National Committee has set AIDA’s dues for 2021 at $65 for Full Members and $19 for Adjunct and Auxiliary Members. Dues are being prorated for 2021 due to the first quarter having passed and also in consideration of the hardships our members have faced due to COVID-19.
If you have any questions or ideas for AIDA, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you on behalf of the National Committee, Board of Trustees and Directors.

All the best,

Steve Hadley