International Syllabi Step Lists & Tempi

The terms Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, and Gold refer to Medal Tests. The terms Student Teacher, Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship refer to Professional Exams. Candidates are required to prepare for their examinations within the specified figures of the level at which they are testing for, and all work included in the previous levels. The Examinations Handbook includes more details regarding these various exams.

Note: Figures preceded by an asterisk ( * ) are alternate methods of dancing a named syllabus figure or, in some cases, represent Additional Figures that may be found on pages 128 thru 134 of The Ballroom Technique.

*These figures (page 128, The Ballroom Technique July 1994) may also be danced in Medal Tests, closed syllabus competitions and in practical demonstrations for professional examinations.

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International Standard





Viennese Waltz

International Latin American Syllabus List

Note: Figures marked with an asterisk ( * ) represent alternate methods of dancing/counting a figure, additional endings or a figure’s Development, and are placed at the earliest level at which it is permissible to dance that method, ending or Development.

Cha Cha Cha



Paso Doble