Waltz 28-32 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Left and Right Foot Closed Changes
2. Left Turn A, B, and C
3. Right Turn A, B, and C
4. Hesitation A and B
5. Cross Body Lead

6. Simple Twinkle
7. Twinkle with Promenade Chasse Ending
8. Twinkles Forward
9. Twinkles Back
10. Twist to Left from Promenade Position
Recognized Variations
1. Box with Right Underarm Turn
2. Promenade Turn

11. Open Simple Twinkle
12. Open Twinkle with Promenade Chasse
13. Open Twinkles Forward
14. Open Twinkles Back
15. Open Left Turn
16. Open Right Turn
17. Single Wrap
18. Shadow Open Left Turn
19. Single Wrap to Shadow Right Turns
20. Syncopated Right Underarm Turn
Recognized Variations
1. Grapevine
2. Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs
3. Curved Three Steps
4. Fallaway Reverse Turn, Slip Pivot, Syncopated Curved Three
5. Open Left Turn to Cross Swivels

Gold/ Fellowship
21. Tornillo
22. Open Right Turn to Arabesque
23. Side by Side Combination
24. Fallaway Reverse to Tele Ronde
25. Same Foot Lunge to Throwaway Oversway
26. 1-3 Open Left Turn
a. to Reverse Pivot to Contra Check to PP
b. to Lady’s Left Underarm Turn
c. Chasse to PP
d. RF Back Contra Check