Tango 30-32 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Basic A and B
2. Promenade Basic
3. Corte
4. Corte with Roll Out
5. Promenade to Fan

6. Turning Corte to Outside Swivel
7. Continuous Basic
8. Basic Left Turn
9. Contra Rock to Circular Fans
10. Oversway

11. Open Left Turn to Quick Fans
12. Same Foot Fans
13. Double Ronde
14. Shadow Open Left Turn
15. Pivots to Open Same Foot Lunge
16. Corte to Leg Hooks
17. Promenade Flicks and Twist to Trap
18. Rock Turn to Turning Lock
19. Fallaway to Open Check

20. Viennese Cross to Contra Check And Rudolph Ronde
21. Outside Swivel to Stalks to Inverted Swivel
22. Promenade Turn to X Lines
23. Inverted Swivel to Shadow Viennese Crosses
24. Outside Spin to Side by Side Points
25. Tango Shadow Grapevine