Rumba 30-36 mpm
Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Box
2. Right Underarm Turn
3. Side Breaks
4. Progressive Rocks
5. Fifth Position Breaks

6. Cross Body Lead
7. Cross Body Lead to Cuban Walks Back
8. Cross Body Lead to Outside Breaks
9. Open Break with Right Underarm Turn to Cross Over Breaks
10. Forward and Back Spot Turns

11. Open Box
12. Snap Cross
13. Quick Underarm Turns Right and Left
14. Sliding Doors Variation
15. Quick Underarm Turn to Wraparound
16. Grapevine to Spiral
17. Sit Checks to Left and Right
18. Grapevine to Left Underarm Turn to Solo Spin
19. Rope Spinning to Left Underarm Turn
20. Curl to Shadow Foot Swivels to Same Foot Lunge

21. Open Telemark to Passé and Ronde
22. Cross Over Break to Rondes and Swivel
23. Shadow Walks and Swivels
24. Spiral to Rudolph Ronde
25. Outside Swivel to Roll Turns and Body Roll