Cha cha

Cha Cha 30 mpm

Pre-Bronze/Student Teacher
1. Cha Cha Basic
2. Forward and Back Basic
3. Cross Over Breaks and Switch Turn
4. Right Underarm Turn
5. Right Left Right Underarm Turns
6. Three Cha Chas Forward and Back

7. Cross Body Lead
8. Outside Breaks
9. Cross Over Side Steps, Back and Forward Runs
10. Left Side Pass

11. Cross Over Breaks with Apart Turns
12. Grapevine to Fencing
13. Syncopated Cross Over Breaks into Knee Lift with Right U/A
14. Underarm Chase to Side Pass
15. Opening Out to Side Checks
16. Three Chas with Solo Turns
17. Foot Change from LF Cross Over Breaks ending in Right Side by Side
17a. Foot Change from Right Side by Side ending in Closed or Open Facing
18. Foot Change from RF Cross Over Breaks ending in Left Side by Side
18a. Foot Change from Left Side by Side ending in Closed or Open Facing
19. Left and Right Underarm Turns to Passing Changes
20. Side by Side Variation

21.Open Right Turn to Split Weight Breaks
22. Backward Cuban Breaks to Cross Triples
23. Lady’s Pivot Turns to Syncopated Locks
24. Teleronde and Body Drop
25. Ripple and Ronde Apart Variation