Syllabi & Technique

AIDA’s chief objective is ‘to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms’. To achieve this, AIDA works in four main ways:

• to promote knowledge of the dance

• to maintain and improve teaching standards

• to qualify, by examination, teachers of dancing in AIDA’s specialist techniques taught by our 10,000 members in schools of dancing throughout the world

• to provide, through its syllabi, techniques upon which to train dancers for the profession.

To this end,  AIDA’s syllabi are kept up-to-date and teachers are encouraged to learn the new material. The AIDA provides a wide number of courses and Training Sessions to assist them in this.

AIDA  publishes numerous books of value to teachers and students in all Faculties of AIDA and co-operates with the general publishers of others. AIDA  publications, tapes and videos are available from our shop.

In addition, our magazine TOPLINE is sent to members to keep them informed of all activities and events, including syllabus updates.