Have We Lost the Slow Foxtrot?

by Peter Billett

Oh to see a beautiful feather or feather finish. Perhaps I am dreaming? I may be waxing nostalgic over a disappearing dance of yesteryear. It seems, most competitors are rushing through there feathers, hurrying to set up to what they perceive to be there pisce de resistance. Not realizing it, they’ve, “thrown out the baby with the bath water.” As a judge of many years, I’ve witnessed the gradual fading of these virtues. When presented with the final six to place, one can only do the job that one is asked. Put in order the dancers in front of you, not what you consider is right or what is wrong. The irony being; we have more talented dancers to day than ever. Teachers should always spend time on the fundamentals; During every lesson, there should be a little medicine with the sugar. A clue for you is: why does the ISTD finish the feather step and the feather finish down on the fourth step?

I’ll leave it to you to work out. Study Body Swing (Body flight), when you land, you are down.

Food for thought.

This Dance should be “Seamless”!! Apart from a few, the stitches are showing.