Exam Success October 5-7, 2018

Professional exams in American Ballroom, October 2018 at the Dance Pavilion in Ypsilanty, Michigan

Professional exams in American Ballroom, October 5, 2018 at the Dance Pavilion in Ypsilanty, MI (from left to right): Kiyana Brown, Chad Brown, Ron Brown (owner of the studio), Lori Woods-Gay (examiner), Izabela Jaworska (trainer), and Louise Tamres.








On Saturday, October 6, we finished the third day of USISTD exams for professional dance teachers and Medal Tests for students.
Special congratulations are due to Stefan and Christiane Lenz and John Perna for successfully passing the American Ballroom exam in Associate Level and Connie Reeves for achieving her goal in the International Ballroom style in Associate Level.
Many months and countless hours have also been put in by our wonderful students in preparation for this important Medal Test. Huge congratulations to all participants of the Dance Pavilion, namely: Kara Kozma, Jim and Debbie Rogers, Ted Ferenczy, Oksana Balayeva, David Derenzo, Teresa Morissey and Maria Mendoza. You all danced your best and you made your teachers very proud!
























Sunday, October 7, we just finished the last fourth day of exams for professional dance teachers. A huge thank you to Lori Woods-Gay, our USISTD examiner, for 25 hours of hard work. It takes a tremendous amount of mental and physical energy to complete so many exams and medal tests. We, at the Dance Pavilion, could not be happier to have such experienced and professional examiner.
In conclusion, I would like to congratulate today’s candidates: Yudan Zhao (Diana) for passing a module exam in Waltz in American Ballroom and Jaana Lillemagi for passing an American Ballroom exam at Associate level. Finally, I congratulate David McVicker on completing the second USISTD exam, this time in International Latin.