Officers of AIDA

The National Committee governs the day to day activities of the organization. The National Committee is comprised of seven (7) members who shall be Members or Fellows in good standing and is elected by the general membership. Elections are held in the fall of each year. The National Committee shall conduct the business of the society in its best interests and welfare. It shall establish operating policies and shall maintain an updated list of such policies in effect.

The Board of Trustees shall oversee the operation of the National Committee to see that it adheres to the constitution and abides by any agreements and laws by which it may be bound. The Board of Trustees shall be comprised of five (5) members who shall be Members or Fellows in good standing. Two (2) of these members shall be appointed by the national committee and may be former elected officials of the society. The three remaining positions shall be elected by the membership.

The Examination Department maintains the standards of the organization by examining potential members. The National Committee shall arrange all examinations through its appointed Examination Director.

The various departments, such as Membership or Publication Departments are in charge of handling the specific needs of our members or potential candidates.

If you would like to run for the office of National Committee or the Board of Trustees, details of the Election Process may be found in Article V, Section III of the Constitution and By By Laws. Go to the Constitution and ByLaws tab in the menu.