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Exam Session June 2019

Another five-day Teacher Training in International Standard, at the Associate level, ended very successfully yesterday (June 9, 2019)! Thank you to all participants: Jacob Maros Reves, Jacqueline Steinbacher, Barbara Okupna, Leah Drobot, Linda Woodman, Michael Galea, Yuan Yao, and Robert Kubis for great preparation for classes, incredible concentration, physical perseverance, mutual support, intriguing questions, and […]

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Theatrical Dance Syllabus

Theatrical Dance Syllabus, Components of Partnered Choreography      $150  The Theatrical Dance Syllabus (Book and DVD) was written to provide the qualified, professional dance teacher a comprehensive, structured curriculum for the study and teaching of exhibition, show, and theatrical dance.The syllabus and DVD focus on the core, elemental, building-block components that
 form the foundation of all theatrical dance along […]

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