Archive | February, 2008

Rhythm Dancing

by Miriam Ellis Rhythm Dancing is and has been a requirement for Amateur and Professional International Ballroom Examinations (including all Medal Tests) for some years.  In conducting various examinations I cannot help but observe that most candidates do not understand the correct way of dancing Slow and Quick Rhythm, yet the sad feature is that […]

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Protocols for an Emcee

by Frank Regan The M.C. plays a vital role in the creation of an environment appropriate to the level and volume of the event. As an M.C. you are involved in a piece of theater which needless to say is empowered by the higher principles of drama. The M.C. should be more than an announcer […]

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Protocols for Judges

by Frank Regan Information on this subject may be found in the Rules and Regulations booklet published by the NDCA.  Some additional suggestions to take note of are as follows: Dress in a manner that indicates your respect for the profession that you represent. Judges should refrain from conversing with competitors on the floor.  They […]

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